The Road to Recovery Starts from Taking Little Forward Steps

Providing holistic drug and alcohol addiction treatment since 1993

Serenity in the Steps
The Most Respected Alcohol and Drug Rehab in the Philippines

Serenity in the Steps is operated by Mararahay Ka Rehab and Treatment Facility (MKF) formerly based in Legazpi City, Albay, Bicol Region and previously Life Management Foundation in Makati City (1993). The facility was relocated due to damages brought by super typhoon Reming on November 30, 2006.

It was reestablished on April 22, 2007 in the mountain resort city of Baguio. The first ‚Äčtruly ‚Äč12-step, evidence-based drug and alcohol rehab and treatment facility in the Northern region of the Philippines that serves the treatment needs of the local and international clientele. English is the preferred language medium for accessibility to most medical tourism clients from all over the world.

Addiction Treatment Rehab in Philippines, Asia

Serenity in the Steps is a leisurely 5-hour drive North from Manila and nestled among the clouds 5000 feet above sea level. It is an ideal getaway for everyone who desires to recover in cooler climates and for families who want a breather from the distress of addiction, at least until their dependents get through with the program.

Individual and Family Counseling

We work with our clients to develop a tailor-fit treatment program. It is always family inclusive that also addresses codependency and mentorship.

Evidence-based Treatment Programs

We celebrate every milestones achieved by our clients. Progress is always based on facts. We can help you find your purpose and meaning in a life of recovery.

Professional and Academic Advancement

Led by an Internationally-Certified Addiction Counselor III, Junjun Abella, MAC, RGC, NCAC I, RC, ICAC III, believes in spreading the message by training qualified and committed individuals.

Our earliest graduates are turning decades sober and many continue to contribute to the recovery movement.

To continue spreading the message of Recovery through treatment of the afflicted person, training of qualified and committed individuals who wish to serve the cause and advocacy of addiction as primarily a health problem.