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Serenity in the Steps
Trusted Treatment, Training, and Recovery Facility
for Substance Use Disorder in the Philippines

Gentler Solutions to Addiction in Asia
Successful Recoveries since 1993

Serenity in the Steps is seasoned with over 2 decades of successful recovery outcomes that began with Life Management Foundation in 1993. The mission continued onto the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio city, in 2007.

Serenity is a 12-step grounded drug, alcohol, and gambling addiction treatment facility in Asia that is cognizant that each client’s concern is unique. We tailor fit evidence-based approaches like CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), MET (Stages of Change), Behavioral, and NLP to achieve treatment goals in a client focused and then client-centered environment. Our counseling philosophy is grounded in humanist principles of UPR (Unconditional Positive Regard).

Serenity also has strategic partnerships with other like-minded local and Asian alcohol and drug addiction rehabs in order to achieve best possible outcomes.

Our earliest graduates are turning decades sober and many continue to contribute to the recovery movement.

Serenity in the Steps services include voluntary treatment programs, mentorship, recovery coach training, advocacy, Employee Assistance Programs, family inclusive or co-dependency programs, medical tourism and other programs.

Over the years, we have seen that clients who are able to discern their purpose in life have been able to achieve long lasting recovery.

With its cadre of PRC licensed counseling professionals, ICAPs (Internationally Certified Addiction Professionals), Certified Recovery Coaches and NCAC (USA Nationally Certified Addiction Counselor) who are themselves in recovery, Serenity in the Steps is also offering the opportunity for Philippine addiction treatment stakeholders to be internationally credentialed and globally-recognized thru the above mentioned training and certification programs.

Through logo therapy techniques, Serenity will help you find your purpose and meaning in a life of exciting recovery.

In the country today, more and more families with drug and alcohol dependents are coming to the realization that they are powerless over the addiction that is controlling the lives of their loved ones. Unlike in the past, families are now slowly seeing the “Person with Addiction (PWA)” as someone who is sick and not as someone who is morally wrong or someone who is. Families are now actively seeking a treatment facility that can help them with their problem. Others desperately try and find assistance through facilities like Serenity to avoid having their Person with Addiction (PWA) incarcerated or put to jail. Moreover, the country itself is facing the real need for certified addiction counselors who are competent in evidence-based approaches like 12-step based programs that address all kinds of addictions like over-eating, gambling, and other obsessive-compulsive disorders.

Serenity continues with this vision of facilitating positive change in the families afflicted with addiction. From this vision and mission, LMFI’s management, together with its graduates, now Serenity in the Steps hope to carry on their message of recovery to others who once were like themselves.

What People Say About US

"Junjun helped me understand my illness. If not for his guidance and advices, I would still be in the dark. He is, indeed, an excellent counselor and I am grateful I have met him."

Jennifer A.

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Our Services

A Person With Addiction (PWA) is not a bad person that needs to be good but a sick person that needs to get well. As the only credible and accredited substance use disorder treatment center in the region with duly-trained counselors, we provide the following following services:

  • Inpatient treatment program
  • Outpatient programs
  • Family Intervention
  • Aftercare services
  • Individual, Group and Family Counseling
  • Referral Services (Detoxification, Psychotherapy, NLP, CBT, SF, Testing)
  • Internship, Training and International Credentialing program for addiction treatment practitioners and/or aspiring professionals (Colombo Plan ICCE) towards recovery coach and/or ICAP credentials recognized in 45 countries
  • Employee/Student Assistance Program

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